By Janice Terra

The Lady Horse Whisperer

Cactus and Dhan Zhao are two friendly Appaloosa’s with magnificent track records of dealing with cancer.  Janice Terra, The Lady Horse Whisperer, owns these remarkable horses (though she feels it is more the other way around) and conducts seminars teaching others how to enlist the aid of horses in returning humans to a state of balance & harmony.

Margaret Bear is a school teacher from Tomball, Texas.  This mother of three has a beautiful three year old little girl named Rebecca who has Bilateral Retinoblastoma ~ a virulent rare form of childhood cancer which develops in the cells of the retina of the eye.  This little girl had already lost one of her eyes to the disease, and Margaret was desperately trying to save her remaining eye, which had bleeding behind it.  If the bleeding did not stop ~ she would lose her other eye. Margaret had been taking her daughter to a specialist in New York City every 4 weeks. 

A relative of Margaret’s had attended one of the “Medicine Pony” seminars, and told Margaret about how the horse helped restore humans to health.  Encouraged by what she had learned from her sister, and not willing to leave any stone unturned in her pursuit to help her daughter, Margaret made an appointment with Ms.  Terra.

Bekah (Rebecca’s nickname) came for a therapeutic ride on one of these amazing horses at the Tomball location.  Bekah soon made it known that she preferred to ride without a saddle – so that was an easy accommodation to grant.  The next day Margaret flew to New York with her daughter for their appointment with the specialist.

The next week when Bekah came for her session, Margaret was overjoyed to report that the bleeding had stopped!  The bleeding had stopped!  (Just had to repeat that.)

Bekah continued to come for her riding sessions once a week.  Four weeks later Bekah and Margaret returned to New York City for their regular appointment.  The tumor had shrunk considerably ~ there was no bleeding ~ and the seeding from the tumor were gone.  The doctor said that they needed return only every 6 weeks now instead of the 4 and ….he said….”Whatever you are doing … keep it up…. Because whatever you are doing …it is working”.  These words coming from the lips of a renowned expert in his field of medicine!

When asked about success with other forms of cancer, Ms. Terra  spoke of two ladies, each in their 50’s, with late stage ovarian cancer:   One called the day after her first session saying that the swelling had gone down ½!  The other woman, who, after 2 sessions, said that she did not have any adverse effects from her chemo, and that her marker had gone down 200 points,!

Such are the miracles and magic of using horses to help humans.

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