Wilhelm Genn continued his winning ways, this time by taking the two top spots at the $30,000 National Standard Grand Prix in Katy, Texas. It’s becoming a bit of a broken record (not that the German rider minds a bit!) but the top spot at the weekly Grand Prix held at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center was again taken by Genn and one of his mounts.

 A technical, but smooth flowing 1.50 Mt. course set up by two-time Olympic course designer Olaf Petersen tested a total of twenty one horse/rider combinations on the first round. First to go clear was visiting rider from Mexico John Perez aboard Twister La Cantera. Magnolia, Texas rider Tony Font with Carmen immediately followed with another clean round to put himself in the jump-off. Local junior rider Eirin Bruheim put in a solid round, and was poised to join them at the jump-off, but a single rail at the challenging triple combination at No. 11 would keep them out of contention for the lead. Her effort would eventually be good enough for a 10th place overall finish. A total of seven riders would eventually qualify for the jump-off including Tracy Fenney and MTM Timon, and Christian Heineking joining Genn and Font.

 The jump-off was set up with 8 fences including an interesting figure 8 pattern between fences 2 to 4 and a double combination at fence no. 7. The first rider in the arena was John Perez/Twister La Cantera going clear with a final time of 46.310   Next, Tony Font & Carmen went also clear with a slightly slower time of 47.479  Tracy Fenney aboard MTM Timon had her sights on the overall lead, and posted a fast time of 43.602 while also going clear. Her efforts would eventually give her a 4th place finish overall.  The next riders would up the ante by finishing clear and lowering the overall times to the 41 second range including Genn and his first of two mounts Chantal, and Heineking aboard River of Dreams. With tension mounting, the best was yet to come. Wilhelm Genn and her trusty partner Happy Z were last on the order, and they did not disappoint. The pair put in a blistering time of 41.552 to take the overall lead and the $9,000 top prize. At the final tally, Genn occupied the two top spots, followed by Heineking, Fenney and Perez.

Video - Genn & Happy Z


Final Standings

Place Prize Horse Rider Owner
1 $9,000.00 Happy Z Wilhelm Genn Wilhelm Genn
2 $6,600.00 Chantal Wilhelm Genn Wilhelm Genn
3 $3,900.00 River of Dreams Christian Heineking Kai Handt
4 $2,400.00 MTM Timon Tracy Fenney MTM Farm
5 $1,800.00 Twister La Cantera John Perez David Vainer
6 $1,500.00 Carmen Tony Font Deana Blackburn
7 $1,200.00 MTM Centano Tracy Fenney MTM Farm
8 $900.00 Utopia La Cantera John Perez John Perez
9 $900.00 MTM Remington Michael McCormick MTM Farm
10 $600.00 Cicero 75 Eirin Bruheim Nordic Lights Farm LLC
11 $600.00 Inside Out Chris Nelson Lazy Creek Ranch Holdings LLC
12 $600.00 Veneur Frank Van Helmond Diego Romo Gonzalez