All bits work with either direct pressure or leverage. Bits that act with direct pressure on the tongue and lips of the mouth are in the general category of snaffle bits. Snaffle bits most commonly have a single jointed mouthpiece and act with a nutcracker effect on the bars, tongue and occasionally roof of the mouth. However, any bit that operates only on direct pressure is a “snaffle” bit, regardless of mouthpiece.

The Wilson snaffle, removes the action form the corners of the mouth, and replaces it with the ability to control via a squeezing action on the cheeks of the horse. This does not cause bruising, neither does it cause damage to the mouth. Because of the pressure it causes at the cheeks, the horse’s only release from the pressure (other than rider dropping rein) is to drop his head, upon dropping his head he receives instant reward for proper behavior.

Horses learn proper head position without the rider losing their position or miscuing the horse. This snaffle is good for young horses who have not yet learned proper head position or horses who pull and develop cracks at the corners of their mouths.

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